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Americans are struggling under sky-high prescription drug prices. We’re working to elevate the issue of drug pricing to candidates up and down the ballot in 2020, and there are a number of quick and easy ways you can help.

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Drug Pricing Stories


Candice’s Story

Candice lives with a chronic illness called ulcerative colitis, so she knows firsthand how prescription drug prices are hurting American families.

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Heidi’s Story

When Heidi was diagnosed with leukemia, she never expected drug pricing would become one of her biggest stressors.

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Patricia’s Story

Patricia is a retired nurse from Lithonia, Georgia who has experienced firsthand the strain of sky-high drug prices.

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Jacquie’s Story

Jacquie lives with Crohn’s disease –– which means she also lives with the stress of wondering how to pay for her exorbitantly expensive medications.

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Travis’ Story

High drug prices force Travis to travel to Canada just to get the insulin he needs to live at an affordable price.

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DJ’s Story

As a father with sickle cell disease, DJ worries about what the future of our drug pricing system means for his young daughter.

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Tammy’s Story

Without treatment for her neurological disorder, Tammy could become paralyzed. But due to high drug prices, she’s facing an uncertain future.

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Kolton’s Story

Kolton faced a $2,000 bill each month for the medication he needs to treat his ulcerative colitis.

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New Hampshire

Don and Rose’s Story

Rose is an 18 year-old college student who lives with cystic fibrosis. She and her father are in the fight for lower drug prices so patients like Rose can have a better future.

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Rachel’s Story

Rachel lives with Crohn’s disease, and each treatment costs nearly $20,000. That’s why Rachel is standing up for change to our drug pricing system.

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Kris’s Story

Kris lives with four bleeding disorders and needs a coagulant to survive – but that treatment costs $40,000. That’s why he’s speaking up against Big Pharma greed.

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Blythe’s Story

Blythe lives with type 1 diabetes, and she’s voting for candidates who will work to lower the sky-high price of the insulin she needs to survive.

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Leah’s Story

Expensive Crohn’s disease treatments threaten to stand in the way of Leah’s dreams for the future. That’s why she’s voting for candidates who have a plan to lower drug prices.

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Sarah’s Story

Both of Sarah’s daughters live with type 1 diabetes. As a single mom, Sarah is urging fellow voters to cast their ballots for candidates who will create a brighter future for her daughters – free of the fear of not being able to afford insulin.

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